Love Is Love: Things My Parents Taught Me

Does being raised in a 2 family home change the way you love or approach love?

My parents have been an extreme force in the premise of my outlook on life. With their liberal “hands on” approach my brothers and myself got the best of both worlds. We were never really told how to live, or what to do vs what not to do. My parents raised us in such a manner that provided sound advice and structured support. We were given the tools to do what we needed to do in order to do what we wanted to do. And at the end of the day we were left to learn from observation and experience. I am thankful for that and I believe my brothers and I have benefitted and prospered in the environment that was constructed for us to flourish in our own way.

And they did this… together. While your parents are your first teachers and biggest initial influencers there is still a whole other world of environments we must all come in contact with. A battleground of different people/places, thoughts, and theories you must tackle, run through, absorb and reflect in order to find, shape, and mold your own niche. And in shaping your own way/path are your parents still at the forefront?

I’ve had several conversations in the past few weeks in which the topic of being raised in a 2 family home creates a better ability to love someone else in the future. Ehh… I’m torn and a bit bias in regards to this topic. As always there are two sides to every coin and people are the world’s best variable. Therefore its difficult to generalize a situation vs. another when many different viable outcomes are possible.

Here’s my overall thought on the topic. Do I want to be with someone from a “happy” 2 family home: yes. Preferably someone who also has siblings and doesn’t have the stipulation of “divorced step parent syndrome”. I’ve seen, experienced, and heard horror stories detailing step parent interaction. However that is simply a preference, not a demand, requirement, or deciding factor. I don’t necessarily believe wholeheartedly that myself or my friends from two parent families love any harder or differently then those from single family homes. My parents who just celebrated their 26th wedding anniversary both came from families with severely flawed parental structure therefore that theory does not apply in their scenario.

I feel at the end of the day love is love. Whether it stemmed from a one family or two family home the stipulations on relationships should not cling to the environment they are from. And I thank my parents every day for teaching me that lesson early on.

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