And In 2014… She Will Speak & Run Until She Is Lost

Happy New Year everyone!!
As I approach my 26th year and this blog approaches its 4th year (well… both in 7 months) I sat down for a very short period of time and thought about what is it that I would different this year that I didn’t do last year. Because thats what like is all about right? Progress, change, moving forward… and if we don’t do that then we are merely stagnantly existing while the world continues to spin. Anyone who fairly knows me well knows that I steer clear of “resolutions” and focus more so on goals. Each year I add ONE new goal that I focus on in order to help facilitate my achievement of the previous goals. Last year’s goal was: #113- Be present & play more. And while I believe you can always improve even when you think you are at your best… I am proud of setting and accomplishing this goal overall throughout the year. It was extremely difficult as I’m sure you’ve all read in the previous blogs but it was done and I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome.

This year I’ve chosen #114- Speak Strongly & Run Everyday Until I Am Lost. I know at first glance it seems very strange but I do have a reason and a particular theory.
Speak Strongly I am extremely bad at communication. in all forms of the word! I’ve become accustomed and comfortable to a sense of harbored silence where things that need to be said aren’t until its too late. At that point when I choose to “speak” on a situation it doesn’t represent the person that I truly am or who I aspire to be. Instead its often a skewed version of what I feel or truly want to say. With such an immense vocabulary I find myself relying more and more on four letter words as descriptors in simple stories and arguments that do not require it. I stopped listening to myself and became more bark than bite, when we all know in a productive conversation it is the bite in the words that matters at the end. What people take away from something you’ve said is most important and when you lose that bite you become nothing more than an annoying barking dog. So I want my bite back… though I honestly may never even have had it in the first place. I want to be able to speak on things with thought as they arise rather than over think situations into something they truly are not. Simply speaking with conviction rather than impulsive emotion may have saved many of the friendships I lost in 2013, and while it may be too late for repair this current goal will help future damage.

Run Everyday Until I Am Lost This part of my goal is actually a two part goal in itself that I am very excited about and excited to share. I have been a runner for about ten years now, and no matter what is going on in my hectic life I always seem to find my feet back on that pavement. Last year I ran about 150 miles in approximately 5 months, and ran my first 5k in July. I started having conversations with friends, family, and complete strangers about running and it was some of the best conversations I’ve had. I felt amazing… and that feeling transferred into so many different aspects of my life. Unfortunately when life got a little crazy again running wasn’t possible. I had a conversation with a close friend who was visiting New York for the holidays and is also an avid runner. He decided to run one day in the freezing cold when he was out here and ended up getting lost on his route. I thought he was crazy but he loved the experience of running even though it didn’t go as planned. His fingers were numb and he lost his way but he still enjoyed the experience. So today… I ran. I ran 2 miles in 24 minutes in 30 degree weather. It was freezing, it was terrible, my time was slow, it was hard to breathe, and I LOVED every minute of it. I came back home and I worked out… also something I used to love doing and it just got away from me as the work load increased.

All of this had nothing to do with it being the New Year but it did help me figure out what I wanted the second half of my goal to be:
I do want to physically continue the act of running for the remainder of the year on a more consistent basis. I don’t want to take my health for granted because I am young. I’ve got a few sub goals in mind that I will of course share as they approach.
Besides the physical aspect of running I noticed I’ve become complacent with certain things in my life from my career, my family, my business, my balance, my health, and my friendships. I’ve gotten used to particular routines and behaviors because they are accepted so instead of pushing harder and further I’ve started coasting along. Complacency is extremely dangerous and can directly hinder growth and progress. I want to step outside of the box in every aspect because I have been so blessed to have them as apart of my life and appreciation is key. We fear getting lost, we fear the unknown, we fear taking different routes, risks, or chances but those moments of fear and loss reap the best rewards and benefits. Every day I want to appreciate more than just my ability to run, or teach, or live or breath I want to collide into something brand new about every one of these aspects. Push beyond my comforts and limits in order to enjoy the experience that is life. I’m terrified… but I know if I don’t continue pushing it will be more difficult to start after I’ve stopped.

So… I will speak when I need to and I will run full force towards the unknown at least once a day in some way shape or form in whatever aspect of life I’ve become most complacent towards. What will you do?

3 thoughts on “And In 2014… She Will Speak & Run Until She Is Lost

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